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A message to you!

::Voyager ::

In the late summer-1977 our species  sent the Voyager to outer space. The mission was to extend the NASA's exploration of the solar system and obtaining science data until around the year 2020 when the spacecraft's ability to generate adequate electrical power for continued science instrument operation will come to an end..

Voyager is now leaving the solar system, and wil continue it's Inerstellar mission to the unknown, but it wil probably feed us with valuable data for two or three more decades... After this we can just hope that somone or "somthing" discover our message. Maybe it wil be by another lonly and exploring species like our self,, but,  this wil probably not happen in our Millenium or lifetime.

:: Onboard the Voyager, the human race have a message::

Instructions and shell: The above plate give scientific roadmap to earth, notation and instructions for how to use the Gold plate.

The-Gold plate: Interstellar Gold-"LP" on Voyager who contains among music from different cultures on earth, greetings in 60-languages and whale songs! The Gold plate will last for about a billion year!..