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Hi there! My name is Espen and I am a ordinary guy .
I have two kids, both boy (
Kristian 15 and Andreas 18 years of age)
And bonus children
Maria, Martin and Even


I live together with
Ida my WIFE  and love of my life.........


Many of my interests is, Golf, (my best  friend is King Cobra Speed 460cc) Alpine skiing, Electronics, Food & Wine, Science Fiction, 3D Art, Astronomy/Science, Hawkings, Sagan, Einstein, the human mind and intelligence.

"I hope NOT, that this site offend you in any religious way, if it does i am very sorry.."


I work as a Computer Consultant in a Consulting firm called Inmeta Consulting. My main profession  is Windows 2000/2003/XP, planning, design,migration, deployment and lately little WEB design/layout!

I am also "Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer" and Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator". So my profession is also one of my hobbyes! 3D-tools= Bryce for Lanscape/Environment, Animation Master 2000 for modelling  and PhotoShop for the final touch!