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©All rights reserved of all the content and graphics on this web. Copying, duplicating, distribution, and particularly modification on the pictures both on gallery & guest gallery is strictly prohibited... All guest artists have approved guest publishing of pictures on RAMA3D.

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::David Dykes::
Jupiter by: David Dykes Download by: David Dykes Artist: (c)David Dykes
(Approved by artist)
Notice: ©2000 David Dykes


Moon pass by: David Dykes pharoahs by: David Dykes  
::Eric Shawn::
Amberland by Eric Shawn City by Eric Shawn Artist: (c)Eric Shawn
(Approved by artist)
A must SEE Homepage!
Homepage : Eric Shawn
Inspiration: Notice: ©2000 Eric Shawn Eric's Art  includes use of compositing photographic human elements, but some of his human images were entirely handpainted, such as Sentinels, Lacuna, Counterparts (see web)
Weapon by Eric Shawn Within by Eric Shawn  
::Dawid Michalczyk::
Spacetravellers by Dawid Michalczyk Suburbs2100 by Dawid Michalczyk Artist: (c)Dawid Michalczyk
(Approved by artist) Homepage:
Dawid Michalczyk Inspiration: Inspired among, by looking at other artists works, movies, music, and especially nature and cities. 
All images © Dawid Michalczyk. All rights reserved
Colony by Dawid Michalczyk They came from the sky by Dawid Michalczyk  
::Kelly Mc Larnon::
Marisandra by Kelly Mc Larnon   Artist: (c)Kelly Mc Larnon
(Approved by artist)
Homepage: Kelly Mc LarnonInspiration:The buildings were inspired by those cool ones from StarWas.
Remember, all of my artwork is copyrighted and may not be used for anything without my permission.


::Beren Baumgartner::
Amarium Mine by  B.Baumgartner Sea Fortress by  B.Baumgartner Artist: (c)Beren Baumgartner 
(Approved by artist) Homepage: B.Baumgartner Inspiration: My inspiration comes from movies
(like Star Wars & the Alien movies).
I am a student at a German Gymnasium (something like high school) and 18years old. Digital art is one of my hobbies and I really love it! Notice: It's not allowed to copy the pictures for commercial purposes and on media with public access without asking for my permission.
(C) by Beren Baumgartner
::Tom Weighill::
Tomweighill_dragonflies_c99 by Tom Weighill Golden Dawn by Tom Weighill Artist: (c)Tom Weighill
(Approved by artist) Homepage:Tom Weighill Inspiration:? Notice:
Art copyright (c) Tom Weighill All rights reserved. If you would like copies or any information about the images, please e-mail me.
Flies from the amberby Tom Weighill Coldwar by Tom Weighill  


::Edoardo Belinci::
Carrac3 by Edoardo Belinci Nk6 by Edoardo Belinci Artist: (c)Edoardo Belinci
(Approved by artist) Homepage: New!!
Orbitans pose by Edoardo Belinci Nurk by Edoardo Belinci
::Dieter Ludmann::
Earth Guard by Dieter Ludmann   Artist: (c)Dieter Ludmann 
(Approved by artist) Homepage: dieter-ludmann Inspiration:? Notice:
(c) Dieter Ludmann, use for non commercial purposes only.
::Stéphane Chauvin::
C741 by Stéphane Chauvin Calliope by Stéphane Chauvin Artist: (c)Stéphane Chauvin
A young artist with upcoming movie "GNOSE MANIA" and 3D work brodcasted on french TV......
(Approved by artist)
Homepage: Stéphane Chauvin Inspiration:? Notice: Art copyright
(c) Stephane Chauvin art director of 3DCorum www.3dcorum.com
All rights reserved. If you would like copies or any information about the images, please e-mail: schauvin@3dcorum.com


big Ship by T's Studio Encounter by T's Studio Artist: (c)T's Studio (Approved by artist) Homepage: T's Studio Inspiration: ? Notice: (c)Free (but not for commercial use)
::Dark Hoffman::
Ocean by Dark Hoffman Fallen Angle by Dark Hoffman Artist: (c)Dark Hoffman (Approved by artist)
Homepage:  Inspiration:Notice:
(c)Not for commercial use
::Andreas Maaninka::
Cold asteroid by Andreas Maaninka Formation by Andreas Maaninka Artist: (c)Andreas Maaninka (Approved by artist) Homepage: Site down! Inspiration:? Notice: ©2001 Andreas Maaninka, all rights reserved.
Fight by Andreas Maaninka Calmspace by Andreas Maaninka  
::Chris Balaskas::
Robotica2 by Chris Balaskas Sentinel2 by Chris Balaskas Artist: (c) Chris Balaskas (Approved by artist) Homepage:!BALASKAS.ARTS! Inspiration:Ralph McQuarrie, Shirow Masamune, Moebius... Notice:Copyright 2001 C. Balaskas


Ice_Lands2 by Chris Balaskas Robotica-3Q by Chris Balaskas  
::Scott Newbold::
First Battle by Scott Newbold

Semi Organic by Scott Newbold
Reactor by Scott Newbold Artist: Scott Newbold (Approved by artist) Hompage: ::Under construction:: Inspiration:I am and always have been a great S/F fan and have gained inspiration from practically every S/F movie I have seen however bad it has been. My favourite S/F films include- 2001,the Alien series,Blade runner and Starship troopers.I intend to start work on a couple of space monsters of my own in the next few months. 
Notice: Copyrighted by SCOTT NEWBOLD. Persons viewing these images have the authors permission to use these images as PC desk-top wall paper only and for no other purpose. 
You do not have my permission to distribute or commercially exploit these images without
the explicit permission from the author.