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::Norway the land of freedom and democracy ::


Flag of Norway -God save the King- and free us from terror Amen!Norway gained its independence from Sweden in 1905. As a separate realm, Norway stayed free of World War I but suffered German occupation in World War II. Discovery of oil and gas in adjacent waters in the late 1960s gave a strong boost to Norway's economic fortunes. Norway is planning for the time when its oil and gas reserves are depleted and is focusing on containing spending on its extensive welfare system. It has decided at this time not to join the European Union and the new euro currency regime. According to UN and the development program (UNDP) Norway is the riches  and best country to live in the world, with Australia as number two and Canada as number three!

Population: Estimated around 4,448,000

Country name:
conventional long form: Kingdom of Norway
conventional short form: Norway
local long form: Kongeriket Norge
local short form: Norge

Data code: NO

Government type: Constitutional monarchy and three party government!

Liberty of the Press

Capital: Oslo

Geographic coordinates:: 62 00 N, 10 00 E

Map references: Europe

total: 324,220 sq km
land: 307,860 sq km
water: 16,360 sq km

Area—comparative: slightly larger than New Mexico





Land boundaries:
total: 2,515 km
border countries: Finland 729 km, Sweden 1,619 km, Russia 167 km

Climate: Temperate along coast, modified by North Atlantic Current; colder interior; rainy year-round on west coast

Terrain: Glaciated; mostly high plateaus and rugged mountains broken by fertile valleys; small, scattered plains; coastline deeply indented by fjords; arctic tundra in north

National Sport: Cross-country, Fotball and Alpine skiing

Birkebeinere, saving the little king from the enemy

Power of the Vikings!